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Since 1992 we have helped a great number of people to recover and improve their health following mother nature steps using natural remedies only and applied scientific solutions, NEVER pills or medications that alter the chemical structure of the human body.

The fusion of the ancestral knowledge with the most advanced science is our distinction stamp, we have left behind the arrogant attitude of  ignoring the traditional remedies that have served people during thousands of years and we combine all together with the most actual important discoveries.

The human body is almost entirely water and we know well that we maintain our health by preserving its integrity, so keeping our water clean without alterations will always be the best remedy, but NEVER will be the chemical internal treatments or the pills, neither the industrialized foods nor the genetically modified organisms.

Some time ago we learned and we spoke openly about the terrible consequences of using chemical treatments, pills, industrialized foods and genetically modified organisms as food, although the body is wonderful for detoxifying itself, the accumulation can reach a point where there is NO return if we don't learn how to take care of it.

Getting sick takes time, in many ways the human body warns when this approaches but modern lifestyle doesn't permit to take care of this condition properly. Even worse... you get used to heal "quickly" in a synthetic way altering the chemical structure of the interior of the body, instead of allowing it to make its regular functions and help to preserve its integrity, you promote more the process of negative accumulation.

Not a secret that the economical benefit of the medical industry supported by the insurance companies, has created an unreal inflation in the prices of the medicines of up to 1000% in just a few years, while the benefits for the sick people have not increased. Using some common sense we can realize that illnesses have not changed and when worse illnesses have appeared, it has been because of the military-industrial complex, food industry or the medical corporations to increase their earnings and to keep the investors happy.

The negative accumulation inside of our bodies ages us through the years, sickening us and shortening life, learn how to maintain great the water of your body with Bassocco™ technology, it is easy and it works.

People first, the business later.

WATER: The integrity of your body.

Really advanced technology

Negative accumulation.

Remedies that work.

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