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Theory of the ENERGY ZERO

In the year 2011 we sat down to write a paper about an interesting topic that embraces a new concept in physics, logic, spirituality and philosophy, this idea supports and intrinsically explains concepts like “quantum entanglement” of Schrödinger supported by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen; up to common ideas such as the transmission of thoughts or feelings, as when somebody thinks about a person and suddenly the phone rings and it is exactly that person calling. We all feel that such is something that exists but it is impossible to explain.

Energy is a force of action, operation or activity, it is the capacity to work, to transform or to put in motion, therefore it is NOT a particle and it does NOT contains any mass. To speak about a particle of zero mass, turns into something that makes NO sense neither in logic, neither in semantics, it is like saying that PARTICLE = NON PARTICLE, like current theories suggest such as: 1. The one that defines the Higgs boson as a "particle" that acquires its mass by interacting with the field and it has only been demonstrated hypothetically; or 2. The one that defines photons as "particles" carriers of electromagnetic radiation.

To begin to understand our theory of the energy ZERO, we should understand that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is formed of energy zero, all that constitutes what can be constitutive is energy zero, it is energy and movement that even can be in a state of absolute rest, let us imagine that any physical division doesn't exist among objects, as if all that exists would belong to a same substance, your skin the same as the air the same as the black matter of space is constituted completely of energy zero in its different forms and manifestations, the energy zero is that union of everything that contains everything, let us imagine a fine, thin and subtle ether that forms everything and the accumulation, folding and unfolding, compression or physical alteration of that ether is what gives form gradually to everything.

The immense dimension of the energy zero produces movement, friction, compression of itself, these energy forms can be named energy ONE.

The energy TWO is the point of saturation of the energy one that concentrates and solidifies gradually until is transformed into matter; particles with mass begin to be created by their physical interactions, forming tiny particles first, then atoms and molecules which in their most sophisticated forms and manifestations are able to give birth to live systems such as plants and animals, able to subsist but always dependants of its environment, of its interaction with the other energies.

The energy THREE is the liberation of that saturation of energy that is visualized in the form of light, fire, electricity, explosion, heat or atomic reaction, it is the separation and the return to previous energies or the return to the energy zero.

To speak of the energy zero and its capacity to constitute absolutely everything, has so much sense as saying that all that exists in the earth contains electrons, any other idea that contradicted this asseveration would NOT make any sense.

Hydrogen constitutes all matter, so apparently the primal structure that builds the universe is the atom of hydrogen; all is based and formed by it but in different variations. Water is an advanced form of hydrogen so life comes from water as matter comes from hydrogen. So now, observing deeply we can conclude: The purest ancestor of hydrogen is energy zero.

Energy zero, considered as a field, is the beginning of everything, is the exact difference between being and not being, all contains energy zero but in different forms, same as the matter of entities is made from hydrogen, same as your body is made out of water. So physically, logically and mathematically there is no contradiction.

One easy way of understanding this, is the way we breathe air when we need more energy: We take a deep breath in, so lots of energy zero are able to be absorbed. Same as electric generators, we take in some energy to "create" more; this entire extra amount comes from the surrounding "field", and that wholeness is no more than energy zero but in several forms.

Same as the three states of water, energy zero has different states: Rest, movement, friction, electricity, magnetism, heat, incandescence, light, fire and gravity.

Another way of visualizing and perceiving the energy zero is by the use of a Searl Effect generator, which is so efficient that it skips many of these stages, generating more energy than the one being used and a tremendous electromagnetic field to the point that at higher speeds starts loosing weight, creating an anti-gravity effect.

Concentration and dissipation turn into ideas so close and related that they become one, this reminds us of the ancient teachings that define as “opposites as the same thing”. Increasing the amounts of energy zero, concentrates it to the point that it returns to its purest form, as if it has dissipated. So the energy zero must be measured by frequency, the frequency of vibration.

This creates tremendous implications at mental and religious levels because the head is the organ of vibration: The skull is an antenna, which receives endless signals that are processed by the brain in the form of endless thoughts. So the less you think and follow your thoughts, the more you get closer to your own person and real self.

So if we believe in the existence of metaphysic beings, maybe those are in charge of creating those many thoughts to keep you away from yourself, sad, worried, tired, as ancient traditions tend to believe.

Inexplicable manifestations that justify the theory of the energy zero

By understanding the operation of the energy zero, ideas like time and antimatter can be understood more easily due to the irrational character of these concepts so they can exist in a coherent way in the model that is established by this theory. By understanding that a single substance forms everything, the idea makes us meditate and assimilate ancient ideas that have defined the human existence as a part of a wholeness that constitutes a unit, for centuries it is known that we all are interconnected and the modification of a single entity affects the entirety of the system, even beyond the physical level (sentimentally and spiritually), creating subtle alterations that are sometimes difficult to perceive and to visualize, the same way as a dog can listen to an ultrasonic whistle and people cannot.

Global big corporations, especially those that manufacture the junk food and unhealthy drinks, those that contaminate the planet and those that manufacture the chemicals and medications that affect our health, have generated an immense economic power which they use to control research centers and the massive communication media, always in favor of the money but never for the truth nor the people's well-being. But still exists a reduced group of remarkable investigators that have been able to become famous and escape the monetary yoke, the most remarkable of them is Dr. Masaru Emoto with his investigations about water, his incredible results present evidence of physical alterations of water structure provoked by the effect of a simple prayer, and a thought and by using spoken and written language, even by presenting images or playing music, the structure of the water changes completely. Let us imagine what happens to the water of our body!

Another researcher that has been victim of this "muting" of the mass media is Lloyd Pye, the investigations about a skull that resides in his hands and that was named the "Starchild" they prove wrong and question seriously Darwin's theory of evolution, the one that reduces the human existence to a simple  300 thousand year-old "monkey."

Then in October of 2013 David Lordkipanidze and his team find in Georgia, Russia, 6 human skulls that are 1.8 million years.