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The health is the biggest treasure, neither the gold, the honors, the friends, the trips, the family, the expensive new car, neither a luxurious mansion, anything makes sense if our body doesn't have health. The fundamental necessity of every LIFE FORM is to STAY ALIVE and the best way is HEALTHY.

We all want to be modern humans but this "modern" life:

1. Is so sedentary, that it ages us quickly by promoting the regeneration of cells with low capacity to absorb nutriments and oxygen, we have become wimpish big-bellied people, unable to run some meters because we don't get used to exercise.

2. The political-economical environment with its contradictions and inequalities always at the service of those that have more altogether with the massive communication media that educate society to be reactive and negative, provoke low levels of energy and a lot of stress.

3. A metabolism carried out at low levels of energy or under a stressful environment produces physical damage to the body because the energy required to carry out the processes in the most efficient way is NOT available so the food is NOT processed in an optimal way, let us think of something such as a car that is not properly tuned-up, contaminating a lot and not running well.

4. Few options and information exist about eating in a healthy way and the cities with largest populations are also heavily packed with franchises of the largest brands of junk food and unhealthy drinks, altogether with industrialized cheap food; all these accumulate in the body so during years of consumption they provoke cancer and degenerative diseases (more industrialized food = more internal negative accumulation = more cancer).

5. When falling sick due to the previous circumstances, we end up in the doctors' hands that make worse the problem by saturating the body with drugs that alter even more the natural chemistry of the organism, they fix an organ, but they damage another or medical mistakes are committed, it is a vicious circle that ruins the physical and economical health but benefits the medical and pharmaceutical industry, supported by the government that benefits from their taxes. Bigger number of sick people = More money.

6. Escaping from this model is almost impossible because we are not educated to achieve such an amazing goal because the school system teaches basically to memorize, to read, to write, to add and to subtract but NOT to solve problems, the institutions in charge of the research and development are financed with the money of those corporations that manufacture the junk food and unhealthy drinks, from those that contaminate the planet and even from those that manufacture the chemicals and medications that affect our health; for this reason the great majority of these "educational" institutions inform partially and in favor of these negative developments about its real negative impact, this is the reason why many years and many victims must happen before the government makes something.

This new concept of “modern" humanity has altered the health negatively only to benefit the economies of those that have more, the water of our body deteriorates, suffering the toxic accumulation in its interior and in an attempt to solve this problem we try to find a doctor that only worsens the situation: The water of the interior of our organism becomes acidic by taking pills, reducing the amount of oxygen and deteriorating even more the metabolic process, it gets loaded with oxidizing agents and free radicals that will provoke damages at cellular level and the deficiencies and collapse of organs, our water gets polluted and saturated with chemical agents so this problem will never be solved by taking pills but for sure it will get worse, all this negative accumulation is the one that ages us and creates tumors inside the body as part of a defense mechanism where the cells react to the constant attack so they begin to multiply without control as a mechanism of life, then the organs try to resolve the deficiencies until they collapse and stop functioning.

HEALTH: Our own personal revolution

The only real solution is to add clean water, water that results more functional for the human body, water reduced molecularly, turbocharged with energy, alkaline water with alkaline electrolytes and with a lot of available oxygen so the body can boost its processes efficiently. The Bassocco™ technology has achieved this objective successfully and this is the reason we have invested the last 20 years designing the most appropriate substance to revert this toxic accumulation, a type of water that can recover and counterattack the devastating effects of this modern society; each and everyone of our products use the same principle of operation that is used by mother nature to create balance, inside and outside the human organism, this is the reason why the Bassocco™ system is an integral method, complete and simple.

In the same way as the computer and the cellular smartphones have replaced the paper and the pen, altogether with the printed documents and the cable telecommunications; this is the same way the Bassocco™ technology  and its principles of operation have established the new paradigm based on prevention to create the ultimate alternative to preserve your health, respecting the nature of the human organism and following its established principles, addressing help to restore itself exactly in its very same natural ways.

Long time ago people were transported in horses, then petrol cars were used and now is the era of high-end electric vehicles, equally in the past people improved their health with herbs and magical rituals and then they made it with injections, pills and surgeries, but in this time the most appropriate and more advanced option is the Bassocco™ technology that achieves the goal basically WITH WATER, applying the most functional water for the human organism, the water that restores the balance and promotes the optimal conditions for cellular regeneration.

A solution always exists :-)

The evolution of medicine - Ancient times doctors were sorcerers and healers, then they got dressed with a white robe and invaded the interior of the body with instruments and chemical agents. NOWADAYS THE BEST MEDICINE IS THE PREVENTION, CONSUMING NATURAL FOOD, FREE OF CHEMICALS THAT ALTER THE ORGANISM SO ITS MOST EVOLVED FORM IS THE BASSOCCO™ TECHNOLOGY THAT REESTABLISHES THE ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WATER IN THE HUMAN BODY.


1. These treatments that you will see next were made by doctors deliberately without surgical gloves to demonstrate the level of dependability of our products. Incredible but truth!

They contain scenes of treatments that might not be suitable for children and sensitive people.
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