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MICROAGUA. Alkaline water, molecularly reduced, electrocharged with a scientifically designed balance of minerals. The electricity of the body activates its antioxidant capacities to promote cell regeneration. Drink one liter everyday, at least half liter first thing as soon as you wake up. Thousands of testimonies of our clients confirm positive results on degenerative diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, gout, and many others. We were the first company in the world offering a product with these characteristics.

Teafress. Electrolytic acidic water, a super oxidizing agent, safe for human use, is mixed with tea-tree essential oil to create the best disinfectant antiseptic for external use. Spray to prevent infection and kill bacteria, even those that provoke bad smells. The aromatherapy capacities reduce the effects of migraine.

Turpepperic. A simple yet the most powerful healthy blend, enjoy the benefits of turmeric increased by black pepper, as an agent that promotes absorption up to 100% in the human body. Throw half teaspoon on your banana shake or cut an orange in four and sprinkle with a generous amount to feel great everyday.

1 liter - $12

19 liter carafe

125 mls - $9

37 piece box - $333

130 g - $12

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Since 1992 we deliver extraordinary results, our treatment does NOT contain chemicals that alter the organism, it is intelligent functional water programmed at molecular level and natural substances to empower it.

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HerboFIBRA B1 B2. This synergistic combination of herbs cleans and tones the intestinal muscle by contributing to an efficient evacuation and detoxification process. Design to boost and maximize the effects of Microagua, take 2 and 2 before bed time.

Kit - $30

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