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The idea of freedom has distorted completely in this century, surveillance equipment and intelligence operatives are being launched in every direction, same as a lot of legislation that supports all this invasion of privacy.

It is now an acceptable norm to be recorded everywhere we go, from convenience stores to corporations, work and of course, the government. Checkpoints, regulation, less freedom; the internet giants Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, have partnered with the government to track every single transaction, disguising it as “economy and marketing”, not to mention that incarceration is a booming industry. Even a program of social credit is working in China that punishes its citizens, banning them from public transportation or rewarding them for cleaning the streets.

We still believe our private property must be kept as its denomination indicates: Private! Specially your digital heritage and assets. So let us help you exercise your rights properly by letting us back up your information, encrypt it and assist you in keeping it safe and private, while we elevate your electronic and internet infrastructure to a state of art.

Let us help you, it is a pleasure to assist in the noble endeavor of protecting the most basic side of the human nature by securing its right to privacy, our idea is to make it democratic and affordable for everyone.

Our philosophy