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Our finest internet solution to boost your productivity and unleash the full potential of your business.

Our scalar software modules allow flexibility so you build your system precisely to your needs: Messages, notifications, events, bookings, courses, document sharing and e-commerce with affiliate-MLM marketing to skyrocket your economy. Use them all or just activate what you need.

Our platform comes in the form of an advanced social network, so your staff can interact promptly and transparently. We can make it in two languages, English and Spanish or both.

We can also add one of the most reliable goods in the market, A CLOUD SERVICE too, so yeah, have your own “dropbox” but private; upload media, pictures and share with friends, without the restrictions the tech giants have imposed so you never loose your work or your business. And remember, we follow enterprise industry standards in organization and intelligence to minimize security issues.

We include in your package a hardware server that will propel everything nicely and smoothly, hardened and configured rock solid so you can keep your information safe. The full implementation can be performed in a couple of weeks approximately.


We can help you with the implementation and service whenever you need us.

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The institutional framework that provides FREE enterprise electronic services for those that come together under a paradigm of acceptance and respect, to promote genuine positivity and friendship, for those who have a desire to follow a sense of human values that lead us ALL to the enrichment of our life.

SHIVAWATER is the advanced social network for health professionals whose goal is to present and promote alternative health treatments and remedies, even those that go beyond the official and academic narrative. We want to heal this world with herbs and natural preparations, with structured water and baths, with meditation, breathing and exercise, with good vibration and positive energy.